our story


our mission

At Tofino Kombucha, it's our mission to be your gateway to better nutrition and better health. Let our kombucha guide your gut!

Brewing and drinking kombucha is an excellent way to start enjoying other traditionally prepared fermented foods, such as naturally leavened sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and, of course, yogurt and kefir. We hope to inspire you to start the journey back to the world of preparing and consuming self-sustaining and life-sustaining fermented foods.


the brewer

Brewing kombucha started as an experiment, grew into a hobby, became an art form, and is now a passion that I want to share. Most people that stop by my house end up leaving with a mason jar and a kombucha SCOBY or some of my wild sourdough starter. I am fascinated with the fermentation process, especially when it comes to kombucha and bread. It never ceases to amaze me how a few simple ingredients can transform into something so nutritious and delicious. 

Tofino and kombucha are a natural pairing, our temperate climate with mild winters and cool summers provides the kombucha culture with consistent year-round brewing conditions. I love the fresh, humid, and salty air of Tofino and so does my kombucha culture!

Some of my favourite first memories of Tofino are from my childhood when my family would make the long trip accross Vancouver Island to visit my Grandma Bev. I loved waking up in the morning to the sound of the fog horn echoing from the Lenard Island Lighthouse. The fog horn is now deactivated, but I still enjoying seeing the lighthouse every time I walk the beach or paddle out for a surf at Cox Bay.

- Kelsey Hendricks


2017 Tofino Food & Wine Festival


the Family

This is my family and we love the west coast and Vancouver Island.

When we're not working, you'll probably find us walking the beach, going for a surf, riding our bikes, packing up the boat to go camping, waking up early to go fishing, or just staying at home and working in the yard.

We enjoy all that Tofino and the surrounding area has to offer and we hope you can enjoy it too - with a Tofino Kombucha in hand!


Working on dinner

Enjoying one of BC's marine parks

Family boat trip

The family's surf wagon