welcome to tofino kombucha

Premium organic Kombucha, brewed in Tofino.


Our story

Kombucha is an art form, a passion, and a gateway to better nutrition and better health. We love brewing our kombucha in Tofino and hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it! Let our kombucha guide your gut!

Our kombucha

At Tofino Kombucha, we use an authentic organic kombucha culture, we steep our tea using carefully selected organic teas, blended in house, and we feed our culture only organic evaporated cane juice.  A happy, healthy culture brews a happy, healthy kombucha! 


light up your day!


Our flavours

Tofino Kombucha currently offers three delicious flavours to light up your day. Enjoy our crisp and refreshing kombucha, brewed using only premium organic ingredients. 

Where to buy

Tofino Kombucha is available in convenient 12oz glass bottles and will soon be available on tap at select locations around the westcoast.