Frequently Asked Questions


What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented beverage brewed using tea, sugar and a kombucha culture - a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). The fermentation process transforms the sweet tea into a delicious and healthy beverage rich in beneficial acids, enzymes and probiotics. Kombucha will give a boost to your digestion, detoxification and immune system. 

why is kombucha refrigerated?

Tofino Kombucha is raw, unfiltered, and alive with yeast and bacteria cultures. If left un-refrigerated, these cultures will continue to ferment the kombucha producing excess natural carbon dioxide gas, which may cause an overflow of bubbles when opening or create a broken seal and a leaky bottle.

What is floating in my bottle?

The floating blob in your bottle is a kombucha culture made of a celluose mass which naturally forms in the bottle. The kombucha culture is a sign of a raw, unfiltered, living kombucha.

how much can i drink?

Start slow with one bottle a day then drink as much as your body craves, but try to limit yourself to 3 litres a week. We do not recommend giving kombucha to children under the age of two. 

How long will kombucha last?

Tofino Kombucha has a six month best before date. After six months, the kombucha gradually becomes more sour as the kombucha culture continues to slowly ferment in the refrigerated bottle.

How do you brew your own kombucha?

To learn how to brew your own kombucha, visit Kombucha Kamp, the #1 place online to learn about Kombucha Tea and to buy Kombucha products. 


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